Area Repeater List

Area Repeaters Heard in the Cornwall Area with an external antenna

Call SignTransmit FrequencyReceive FrequencyCTCSS Tone RequiredLocationFeatures and Status
VE3SVC-1 *144.39144.39None AX.25Cornwall ONAPRS ( )
VE3PGC-1 *144.39144.39None AX.25Bonville ONAPRS ( )
VE3YGM145.17144.57None CSQCornwall ONLow Power – Private
VE3IRO145.29144.69None CSQIroquois ONIRLP Node 2091
VE3OJE145.37144.77151.4Moose Creek ON
VA3SDG-C *145.57144.97None DSTARCornwall ONDPRS ( )
VE2REX146.685146.085100Covey Hill QC
VE3SVR146.76146.16110.9Morrisburg ONFM / Yaesu C4FM
VE3IWJ146.82146.22100Brockville ON
VE2CRA146.94146.34100Old Chelsea QC
VA3NDC146.97146.37100Winchester ON
VE2RM147146.4103.5Mont-Rigaud QC
NG2C147.09147.69None CSQMalone NY
VE3MPC147.15147.75100Orléans ON
VE3SVC *147.18147.78110.9Cornwall ONFM / Yaesu C4FM
WB2RYB147.225147.825100Malone NY
VE2REH **147.525 **145.690 **131.8Lancaster ONLinked to VE2REH UHF
VE2RM224.98223.38None CSQMont-Rigaud QC
VA3EDG442.1447.1None DMRBonville ONDMR Color Code 1
VE2RM442.25447.25None DSTARMont-Rigaud QC
VE3TYF443.05448.05151.4Moose Creek ON
VA3ESD443.15448.15110.9Morrisburg ON
VE3PGC *443.65448.65110.9Bonville ONFM / Yaesu C4FM AllStar 2579, EchoLink 463095 via VE3PGC-L
VE2REH444.15449.15110.9Lancaster ONLinked to VE2REH VHF
VA3SDG-B *444.45449.45None DSTARCornwall ONDPRS ( )
NG2C444.65449.65110.9Malone NY
VE3VSW *444.8449.8110.9Cornwall ON
VA2REX-B448.325443.325None DSTARCovey Hill QC
VA2REX448.525443.525None DMRCovey Hill QCDMR Color Code 1