Note Saturday Breakfasts moved back to Spinners Rest. on Pitt St.
Even (2nd and 4th) Saturdays of each month, 8:30 A.M.

Repeater Status: 

Cornwall Community Hospital site:

VE3SVC: 147.180 (+) CTCSS required (SVARC members only)

VE3SVC: 224.180 (-) 110.9 Hz. CTCSS

VE3VSW: 443.000(+) 110.9 Hz. CTCSS

VA3SDG-B: 444.450 (+) UHF D-Star has network connectivity issues.

VA3SDG: 145.570 (-) C4FM Digital or Analog FM (110.9 Hz. CTCSS)

VE3SVC-1:  144.390 Simplex APRS

Bonville (South Stormont) site:

VE3PGC: 443.650 (+) C4FM Digital or Analog FM (110.9 Hz. CTCSS)

VA3EDG: 442.100 (+) Color Code 1 DMR Brandmeister Network

VE3PGC-1:  144.390 Simplex APRS

Beaverbrook (South Glengarry) site:

VA3FHA 147.030 (-) C4FM Digital or Analog FM (110.9 Hz. CTCSS)

For more information on “local” repeaters, click here.

NEW CLUB EXECUTIVE for 2022-2023:

President: Earle DePass VE3IMP

Vice President: Joe Scott VE3ADB

Secretary: Roger Bélanger VA3GBV

Treasurer: Chris Lauzon   VA3CRR

Appointed Positions:

Net Manager: Joe Scott VE3ADB

Newsletter Editor: Roger Bélanger VA3GBV

Webmaster: Ed Halliwell VE3EAH

Social Convener: Vacant (Meeting refreshments)

Technical Director Doug Pearson VE3HTR

Net Control Operators are needed. Please let Joe Scott VE3ADB or one of the other executive members know if you can help out.