Club elections are coming up.  We are looking for anyone who might be interested in running for the following positions.  President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  If you have any suggestions for these positions, please contact Larry (VA3RSQ). 

Repeater Equipment Moves at Cornwall Community Hospital are underway: VE3SVC (VHF) and VE3VSW (UHF) are operational during the transition however coverage may be reduced. Other repeaters at the site are down until further notice as of Thursday August 22nd.

We are now on our summer break, the next meeting of the SVARC will be on Wednesday, September 25th 2019 at St. John Ambulance HQ on Sydney Street at the usual time, hope to see you there.

The VHF D-STAR repeater VA3SDG-C on 145.570 MHz. and the APRS Node VE3SVC-1 on 144.390 MHz. have been temporarily shut down in order to investigate an interference issue at the Cornwall repeater site.  VE3SVC on 147.180, VE3VSW on 444.800 MHz. and UHF D-STAR repeater VA3SDG-B on 444.450 MHz. are not affected, nor are any at the Bonville site.

Please note that VE3IRO (Iroquois) now requires a tone of  100.0 Hz

Please note that the UHF Repeater VE3MTA has a new call sign.  As of October 19th 2018, VE3PGC is the new call.  VE3MTA belonged to a past member, Robert McSween, and the call has been retired back to ISEDC.

Net Control Operators are needed for the Summer months, please let Tom or one of the other executive members know if you can help out.