NEXT MEETING –  Due to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus), this month’s meeting will be conducted on the VE3PGC repeater.



Repeater Status: 

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The Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club operates a number of repeaters in Cornwall and Area.  VE3SVC is a VHF analog FM repeater operating on 147.180 + and a tone of 110.9 Hz.  Also on VHF is VA3SDG, a Yaesu Fusion digital C4FM and analog FM repeater on 145.570 – and a tone of 110.9 Hz. On UHF, VE3PGC (previously VE3MTA), also a Yaesu Fusion repeater with wide area coverage, is located at Bonville.  It operates at 443.650 + and a tone of 110.9 Hz.  For other repeaters see the Repeater Page.

The Club has regular meetings on the last Wednesday of each month except July, August and December.  Meetings are held at the St. John Ambulance offices at 1001 Sydney Street in Cornwall, Ont.  This building is part of the Cornwall Electric building, just north of Ninth Street and the CTC Gas Bar.  Meetings start at 7:00pm, but most come at 6:30 for some socializing before the meeting.