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The picture at the top of the page is a rooftop antenna farm on 1 of 4 buildings on top of Mount Washington N. H.  At 6288 feet above sea level, it is the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi north of North Carolina.  It reportedly has the worst weather on Earth.  Note the worker checking the equipment before the bad weather arrives.

Wanted or For Sale   Contact Ed (ve3eah@rac.ca)

The Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club has a number of items for sale:

    • VHF and UHF Sinclair ‘bandpass’ and ‘reject’ cavity filters. Please let us know your requirements. Tuned to your frequency requirements, prices starting as low as $75.00
    • 6 used Sinclair SY-307 series Radome enclosed directional yagi antennas 406-430 MHz $50.00
    • 1 used Sinclair SY-406 series enclosed directional yagi antennas 899-956MHz $50.00
    • 1 new Sinclair SY-406 series enclosed directional yagi antennas 899-956MHz $75.00

The above antennas are hi-gain weather-protected antennas, ideal for point to point linking.  All items plus shipping or pick up in Cornwall, On.

Art, VE3AIH has the following to be sold with proceeds going to the Repeater Fund:

  • TFO2 Battery Capacitor tester (coulometer) Test voltage, current and capacity of battery. Includes large shunt resistor, digital readout with memory and  interconnecting cable.   For lithium, NiMh and lead acid batteries from 10 to 100V.  New, never used, in original box   $10

  • Micronta (Radio Shack) power supply output 12 volts @1.75 A.Tested good at 13.4 volts with no load. Great for small low-power projects around the shack.  $10

  • Canon flatbed scanner model LiDE 210. Connects to computer with USB cable (included). Used and in working condition. Includes simple instructions (not a manual).  $12
  • Clip-on reading lights. Attach to a book and read in bed. Includes USB charging cable. Package of three.  $5


  • Push-on closet lights. Install in cupboard or other areasthat do not need 110 volt lights. Requires AAA  batteries. Package of three.  $8

  • Sony voice operated recorder model M-727V. Mini-recorder with vox feature, built-in mic and several microcassettes included. Designed for close-in recording such as an interview. Manual included.  $10

  • HT-microphones with 2-pin speaker and mic connections. Usable, but not highest quality.  FREE
  • Drain Master dump valve with switch for black/grey water system in RV or boat. New, never used. $5


  • Third hand for soldering circuit boards. Heavy metal
    base with one alligator clips to hold board in place.  $5

  • Radio Amateur’s Satellite Handbook (ARRL) FREE

Stan Sanderson (VA3DS) has a complete DX station for sale.    For more information contact Ed,  ve3eah@rac.ca

Kenwood TS950SDX 160-10 M HF rig  (This radio is currently n/a)
Kenwood SP950 Auxiliary Speaker
Kenwood remote keypad for above radio
Unadilla/Reyco Lo pass Filter
J. W. Miller C514T Lo pass filter
Kenwood TM742A dual-band mobile V/UHF rig
Mirage D-3010-N UHF Amp 30w in, 100w out
Radio Shack Pro2006 Scanner

John Grow  VE2EQL – 514-916-5647 – jgrow@sympatico.ca has the following items for sale:

    • Elecraft K3/100 – K3 100 Watt Transceiver
      + KAT3 – K3 ATU Modular Kit
      + KXV3A – Receive & transverter interface
      + KBPF3 – Band Pass Filter for General Coverage receive
      + KFL3A-500 – 500 Hz 8 pole filter
      + K3 Power supply cable
      Standard Manuals, K3 shipping box.
      Available for $ 1800.00 FIRM Canadian
    • Porcelain Insulators for Ladder Line 300 ohms
      • Package to make 100 ft of ladder line $ 15.00 Canadian
    • Porcelain Insulators for Ladder Line 600 ohms
      • Package to make 100 ft of ladder line $ 30.00 Canadian
    • Porcelain Insulators, Oval $ 2.00 Each.
    • Silvered Braided Ground Strips – Various widths
      • I have 1/4”, 1/2”, 1”, & 1 1/2” strips. Tell me how many feet you require.
    • NEW DX Engineering 400 MAX Coaxial Cable 100 ft. $ 140.00
      • (no connectors at ends