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The picture at the top of the page is a roof top antenna farm on 1 of 4 buildings on top of Mount Washington N. H.  At 6288 feet above sea level, it is the highest point in the US east of the Mississippi.  It reportedly has the worst weather on Earth.  Note the worker checking the equipment before the bad weather arrives.

Wanted or For Sale   Contact Ed to post on this page:  ve3eah@rac.ca

The Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club has a number of items for sale:

    • VHF and UHF Sinclair ‘band pass’ and ‘reject’ cavity filters. Please let us know your requirements. Tuned to your frequency requirements, prices starting as low as $75.00
    • 6 used Sinclair SY-307 series Radome enclosed directional yagi antennas 406-430 MHz $50.00
    • 1 used Sinclair SY-406 series enclosed directional yagi antennas 899-956MHz $50.00
    • 1 new Sinclair SY-406 series enclosed directional yagi antennas 899-956MHz $75.00

The above antennas are hi gain weather protected antennas, ideal for point to point linking.

    • All items plus shipping or pick up in Cornwall, On.

For Sale:

Doug has the following for sale:
Yaesu FTM-3200DR VHF Digital/Analog Transceiver C4FM/FM Mobile,
65/30/5 Watt Transmit 144-148, Receive 136-174 MHz. Like new, only used indoors. $175.
Prices are for Cornwall/Ottawa area pickup or plus actual shipping costs.
Doug Pearson VE3HTR email ve3htr@rac.ca
Art, VE3AIH, has the following for sale:
1. MFJ-751B tunable audio filter in good working condition. Includes wall-wart for power $20.00

2. Kenwood MC-60 desk mic with amplifier base.  In excellent working  condition, except clamp that holds the mic is broken.  Mic is currently mounted firmly on the stand using electrical tape. A replacement clamp can be ordered from East Coast Parts for $10 USD plus shipping. Photo on request. OFFERS?