Fox Hunt Information

Next Fox Hunt: Saturday, July 06, 2024

Hi to all,

Here are the instructions from the Fox:


12:30h – Rendezvous at Tim Hortons at the corner of Pitt St and Tollgate Rd. 

13:00h – 15:00h Hunt is on!

15:10h (ish) – Rendezvous at Starting Location for our after-hunt discussions.

Frequencies in use:

Fox – 146.565 MHz

Group Comms – VE3VSW (442.200 +)

In the event that you need to contact the Fox directly, I will be monitoring VE3SVC throughout the entire hunt, or I can be called directly at  613 360-6803


North – Tollgate Rd. (as indicated on the attached map)

South – 9th street  (as indicated on the attached maps)

West – Pitt Street (as indicated on the attached maps) 

East – Boundary Rd. (as indicated on the attached map)


Dress appropriately for the weather. There will be MINIMAL WALKING required. 

Good luck to all the hunters, be safe and have fun.

Dave (VA3OPS)